Women's Equality Agenda

The time has come to secure full equality for Virginia women. Advocates for women and families from across the Commonwealth are working together to advance an agenda that secures women's health and safety, advances our economic opportunity, and promotes women's democratic participation. But we need your help.
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The Women’s Equality Coalition promotes women’s health and safety, economic opportunity, and democratic participation in order to ensure all Virginia women are able to fully participate in social, economic, and political life.

Virginia Women's Equality Coalition Regional Summit

The Summit will be chock full of exciting guest speakers, interactive panel discussions, workshops, and training activities. Additionally, the Summit is a fantastic opportunity to learn more about the status of women in Virginia and to network with women from across the region. Our panel discussions will include topics such as economic justice, reproductive justice, and our training will teach you the basics of organizing as well as how to tell your personal story, or how to interact with the press.

Our keynote speaker Loretta Ross is the co-founder of Sister Song, and she is a nationally-recognized trainer on using the transformative power of Reproductive Justice to build a Human Rights movement that includes everyone. Ms. Ross is an expert on women’s issues, hate groups, racism and intolerance, human rights, and violence against women. Her work focuses on the intersectionality of social justice issues and how this affects social change and service delivery in all movements.

Space is limited so be sure to reserve your seat as soon as possible. Tickets are $15 for general admission and $7.50 for students. Scholarships are available. If you have any questions please reach out to Morgan Jameson at Morgan@progressva.org.


The Women’s Equality Coalition believes women and girls everywhere deserve an equal opportunity to participate fully in civic, economic, and political life irrespective of race, class, income, immigration status, involvement with the criminal justice system, disability status, religion, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

We support all Virginia women’s ability to:

  • Decide when and if to have a family and access the full range of health services necessary to support that decision without interference from government, organizations, or individuals;
  • Secure the education and resources necessary to support and better themselves and their families without sacrificing economic security;
  • Live, work, and attend school free from intimidation, abuse, discrimination, harassment, and violence;
  • Understand how the political process affects them personally and be empowered and motivated to participate and make their voices heard.

2016 Women's Equality Agenda

Women’s Health and Safety

  • Repeal the abortion coverage ban: SB183 (McEachin), HB1225 (Boysko)
  • Close the coverage gap: Governor's proposed budget
  • 12 month supply of birth control: HB592 (Hope), SB404 (Locke)

Economic Opportunity
  • Raise the minimum wage to $15/hour: HB597 (Plum), SB668 (Favola, Dance)
  • Universal paid sick days: HB7 (Simon), SB274 (Wexton)
  • Equal pay: SB221 (McEachin)
  • Employment nondiscrimination: SB12 (McEachin/Ebbin), HB429 (Villanueva), HB179 (Kory), HB1005 (Levine)
  • Ratify the Equal Rights Amendment: SJ1 (Surovell, Wexton), HJ136 (Sickles)

Democratic Participation
  • Nonpartisan criteria for redistricting: SB58 (Howell)
  • Expanded absentee voting: SB106 (Dance), SB603 (Howell), HB418 (Bagby), HB430 (Villaneuva), HB531 (Murphy)


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